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About Us

Spreading awareness about Organ Donation
Prevention & Control of Kidney Diseases

About AGF

The Amar Gandhi Foundation (AGF) was established on 11th November 2000 in memory of Amar Gandhi, who died at a young age of 22.

Main aim of the trust is to help poor patients and needy people by giving financial help for medical purposes and education, irrespective of caste, creed or community.

Mission Statement

To spread awareness about organ donation & to work towards prevention and control of Kidney Disease. 

Vision Statement

To bring down the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in India by tackling the epidemic of non-communicable diseases sweeping our Country. Also to help the unfortunate CKD patients already affected, who cannot afford the treatment. Since transplant is the best treatment for CKD, AGF will work towards promotion of Organ Donation, which is a meager 0.8 per million population to a respectable figure. (Spain and certain Europeans Countries are between 30-45 per million populations)

Areas where AGF is working now:

For the common man

    • 1. Conducting health check up camps
    • 2. Distribution of educational material
    • 3. Conducting lectures and discussions
  • 4. Identifying high risk individuals such as hypertensive’s, diabetics, and patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases and counselling them about regular kidney checkups.
  • 5. Educating general practitioners regarding early detection and treatment of CKD patients through regular updates and CMEs.
  • 6. Spreading awareness of organ donation.

For the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients

  • 1. Help patients understand about prevention of Kidney disease and treatment of CKD.
  • 2. Creating a support group of CKD patients by organising regular meetings, get together and functions to help them to meet similar patients and discuss common problems.
  • 3. Providing subsidy in investigations and consultations with Nephrologists and other allied branches.
  • 4. Providing services of medical counsellor, psychologist and dietician at our centres.

Lobbying with the government

  • 1. Along with likeminded foundations such as Mumbai Kidney Foundation, Sapiens Health Foundation, Indian Medical Association, Narmada
    Kidney Foundation and other NGOs to actively make representations to government
    regarding important CKD related health issues.
  • 2. Offering handicap status to dialysis patients, helping them with travel, jobs and subsidies.
  • 3. Procuring subsidy and excise duty cuts in dialysis equipments, CAPD (chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) material and drugs.
  • 4. Promoting a rational transplant programme.

Lobbying with Industry to reduce Salt in Food Products

  1. 1. Conveyance the government to give tax rebates to makers of low salt and low calories snacks.

Our Trustees

The visionary and long time supporters of the organization.

Managing Committee

Dr. Alan Almeida


Dr. Hemal Shah


Dr. Umesh Khanna


Dr. Arun Shah


Dr. Bhavesh Vora