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Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers

Today, due to pressures of work and other lifestyle related causes, the incidence of major illnesses is on the upswing. It is great that the government has introduced a comprehensive health insurance scheme. However, it would be great if some work could be done to prevent the ailments in the first place. One of the main initiatives required in this regard is for people to be aware of their present medical condition and its likely consequences.

The Concept

We propose to have kiosks / desks at public places. Our team for each location will consist of a Nursing Professional, a Medical Technician and a data entry specialist

The Works

Our team will test the following

1) Blood Sugar

2) Blood Pressure

3) Weight

4) Height

A small report listing the above will be handed over to the people who undergo these tests. This will also have a column where our team will mention whether medical treatment will be required immediately

This is an attempt to encourage public at large to keep a track of their basic health parameters and take immediate action and treatment so that chances of any Non Communicable Disease in future can be minimized

We are happy to organize a Know Your Numbers Camp in your locality/societ

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Proactive Action

If reports are adverse this will encourage people to visit their respective physicians and take required treatment.

This will help prevent the occurrence of serious ailments at a later date.